August 31 webinar Instagram Post

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We are MORE than remedy-finders! We also need to connect with those who share our view of healing, and match what we offer to what they need. AND much of this is not taught in school where we are so intently focused on the healing aspects of homeopathic practice. SO…. if you have found yourself all ready for practice, but with a waiting room that is not as full as you would like, 4Homeopathy Canada has something special for YOU!

We have asked Karen Allen CCH to join us, sharing specific strategies for filling your practice with well matched clients. There are clear, easy to learn and implement, well defined steps that YOU can take. They are based on modern concepts of human interaction, effective communication, and connection with WHY you are a healer. This is NOT about business building or marketing (argh). This is about effectively BEING homeopathic to your practice.

YOUR practice can be full – nab a colleague to come to this presentation with you, and the two of you can team up to make it happen after the webcast. This is within your reach, and 4Homeopathy Canada wants to help you THRIVE.

View the recording HERE

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