10 am – 3 pm PDT Saturday/Sunday September 17/18, 2022, October 15/16, 2022,

10 am – 3 pm PST November 19/20, 2022, and December 10/11, 2022

Fee $650.00 CAD

Classes will be held over Zoom and will be recorded.


What This Class Will Give You

  1. Understanding of the fundamental principles of homeopathy

  2. Confidence in using homeopathic remedies for maintaining the health of your pets

  3. Basic working knowledge of the most frequently indicated homeopathic remedies for animals along with potency and dosage

  4. Improved success in selecting homeopathic remedies for common conditions

  5. Improved understanding in animal physiology and pathology

  6. Basic understanding in how to read lab results

  7. Tips for improving nutrition and use of nutritional supplements for your pets


About Andrea Ring, DCH

Andrea Ring has dedicated her homeopathic practice for the past 15 years primarily to animals, but also two-legged friends, following extensive training in holistic animal health after completing her four-year professional homeopathy diploma at the Vancouver Homeopathy Academy. www.andrearing.ca

Andrea trained and worked under Julie Anne Lee DCH, RCSHom, founder of Adored Beast Apothecary, www.adoredbeast.com, in all aspects of holistic and conventional animal care, and completed an  extensive three-year post graduate animal sciences and veterinary homeopathy program. Andrea has worked in clinics alongside veterinarians since 1999 and is proficient at veterinary technical skills, procedures and triage.

About Linda Stead, DCH

Linda Stead aka Miller, past Director of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, is no stranger to teaching homeopathy to professionals and non-professionals alike. Since 2010, she has taught and mentored 24 new homeopaths in the Calgary area, as well as taught parents of humans and animals on the use of homeopathy at home. She has had a busy practice treating people and animals since 2007 upon her completion of a four-year professional homeopathy diploma at the Vancouver Homeopathy Academy. Linda supplemented her homeopathic diploma with many hours of sitting in with Julie Anne Lee DCH, RCSHom at her veterinary clinic, taking notes and watching how she practiced, seeing many dogs and cats with a variety of disorders. www.xerionconsultingservices.co

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