BCSH 2006 Conference

The BC Society of Homeopaths 2006 Conference was held at Naramata Centre in Naramata BC (a 20 minute drive from Penticton) on the Victoria Day long weekend; Friday May 19 to Sunday May 21st. Our special guest speaker was Robert Muntz from Remedia Pharmacy in Austria.

Comments From Participants

I hooked onto this “magic spell of Naramata” email as ours was an exceptionally delightful and unique gathering of homeopaths. Richness was enhanced by the range of backgrounds of attendees, from enthusiastic students to long time homeopaths and all in-between as well as the addition of some of our families and friends and a couple 4-legged friends.

The usual healthy community building of a conference was multiplied many times by residing nearby each other, eating all our meals together and getting to know each other and our guests in this gorgeous setting of nature, even if Saturday was rainy.

Remember the wall of fragrant lavender? As I recall, we called this a case conference in previous years. 2006 expanded into a collage of presentations ranging from insights and how to-s on homeopathy books, business, writing and animal prescribing (useful without exception), to entertaining and sometimes provoking mind-bending performances of cases and more. Those of us more technically challenged were impressed with the phenomenal use of technology amplifying the uniqueness of numerous offerings, including our special attendee (from Remedia Pharmacy in Austria) Robert’s remedy-collection/adventure videos of cultures deep within the rainforests, dancing cobras, rare black orchid, milking snakes and the like! Some of us are encouraging him to package these videos into programs for nature channels thereby promoting awareness of homeopathy along with such adventure. Asked how he would respond to an invite for another conference, Robert enthusiastically responded yes, and offered very interesting activities that he would think of doing with us!

My motive in coming to this conference with it’s 5.5 hour drive from Vancouver was to support the regional organizers and BCSH. I left with an enthusiastic ”it would be a privilege to drive the miles again.” Pat and other colleagues, you put much time and good work to make this year happen – thanks so much to all of you.

Naramata was an ideal site for our meetings and getting to know each other. There are likely other great (and economical) locations, though I agree that Naramata is a lead candidate. It has a lovely spirit. It was a joy to be with you all. Let’s do it again. Lora


I just wanted to thank you all, and especially Pat Deacon, for our phenomenal conference, this past weekend. You thought this 2nd-year student was passionate before! Here’s to another year of passion, cooperation and healing!:) Graham Webber


Well worth the drive from Vancouver! I was a bit doubtful about the location before I actually got to Naramata, but it is a great location for a conference. Prices for food and accommodation were very affordable. The rooms were clean, staff was friendly, and even though the food was cafeteria-style, it was actually quite good (not your average cafeteria food at all).

I knew only about 1 or 2 people at the beginning of the conference, and got to talk to and get to know everyone before I left. The atmosphere made it possible for all of us at the conference to bond in a meaningful way. It was my first time at a homeopathic conference, but those who had been to other BC Society conferences in the past said that this one was the best one they had been to before – due to the location and the chance they had to bond with the other people there. I vote to have it in Naramata or a similar type of location next year. Thanks again everyone who made the experience possible. Cheers Sonya Mcleod


Everyone’s presentation was enthralling – and it would be nice for publication – but as with all communication and as we discussed at the conference – something can get ‘lost in translation’. The group dynamics add so much depth and enjoyment that cannot be found in only one dimension. Perhaps this is the grist for a new presentation- I do believe something unique and magical happened to us all this weekend- “the magic spell of Naramata”. Love to you all- and a special thanks to you passionate students- you are a joyful reminder to us all why we do what we do! Janet Ware RN, PDHom