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There are many benefits to membership with The BC Association of Homeopaths ranging from access to members only content, voting privileges and a listing in our homeopathic professionals directory accessible by individuals trying to find a homeopath.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information.
BCSH Membership Application Forms | Membership Categories | Membership Requirements | Continuing Education Requirements | Membership Application Fees

There are four categories of Membership in the Association

1. Registered Member
2. Resident Member
3. Associate Member
4. Student Member

Registered members and Resident members have full voting privileges.
Student members and Associate members are non-voting members.

All membership categories, with the exception of the Student members, must fulfill the Continuing Education requirements of 12 CEU’s in 2 membership years (April 1st-March 1st) for membership renewal.

The BC Association of Homeopaths represents professional homeopaths and those persons who are in training to become one. If your training or experience do not appear to fit directly within any of these categories, please contact us so that we can review your individual situation.

All Members of the BC Association of Homeopaths, regardless of Membership category, are required to adhere to the BC Association of Homeopaths Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Membership Requirements


(1) Registered Member

  1. Credentials: holds, in good standing, either of the credentials CCH, RSHom(NA) or RSHom.; or
  2. Education: has completed at least 500 hours of formal homeopathic training and received a diploma, from a college and/or homeopathic training program recognized by the BC Association of Homeopaths; or has attained the equivalent by virtue of long-standing experience; and
  3. Clinical: has treated constitutionally at least 40 patients and has been in practice for at least one year; and
  4. Interview: interviewed, on completion of the above, by a member of the Board of the BC Association of Homeopaths, either in person or by telephone.
  5. Is a resident of British Columbia.

(2) Resident Member

  1. Has completed the educational requirements for membership, but has not completed the practice/clinical requirements in order to apply as a Registered member.
  2. Is a resident of British Columbia.

(3) Associate Member
This category is for those persons who meet the education and clinical requirements as set out for Registered members but who:

  1. Is a resident of British Columbia who practices under a current license from some other professional society, and also wishes to be a member of the BC Association of Homeopaths. Their primary obligations will be to their professional licensing organization, but affiliation as an Associate member with the BC Association of Homeopaths indicates support and interest for the goals of the society; or
  2. Is a Canadian resident who lives outside the province of B.C. but maintains a homeopathic practice in British Columbia.

(4) Student Member
Student membership is available to persons who are enrolled in a homeopathic training program recognized by the BC Association of Homeopaths.

Continuing Education Requirements

Below is a list of CEU categories and corresponding point allocations.  Each Registered Member, Resident Member and Associate Member is required to complete 6 CEU’s over the course of 1 Membership year (April 1st– March 31st) in order to be able to continue to uphold full professional membership with BCAH.

1 Attendance at a homeopathic conference or seminar11
2 Post graduate homeopathic training11
3 Homeopathic teaching (at a school/college or study group)12
4 Homeopathic Conference or Seminar Presentation13
5 Volunteering with the BCAH in a public forum11
6 Supervising or mentoring a homeopath or homeopathic student12
7 Published review of a homeopathic book/seminar etc. (1000 words)2
8 Published article in a professional journal (at least 3000 words)6
9 Supervising or participating in a provingup to 7
10 Conducting a provingup to 14
11 Homeopathic researchup to 14
12 Published homeopathic book/manual etc.up to 14
13 Being mentored by a professional homeopath11


Membership Application Fees

There will be a non-refundable application fee of $25.00 for administration costs.

The membership fee is as stated per category. Once your application has been approved you will be contacted for your membership fees.

1. Registered Member $100
2. Resident Member $75
3. Associate Member $75
4. Student Member $30

Our membership year goes from 1st April to 31st March of the following year and are prorated for less than full year terms; so join anytime.

If a membership lapses, the application fee will need to be paid again when the member wishes to resume membership.

When applying for an Associate or Resident or Registered Membership, we need the following documentation:

* photocopy of your Diploma.
* course outline of Homeopathic Diploma course attended.