Have you ever struggled with a case, and wished you had an experienced homeopath to help you?

Being a homeopath can be a lonely experience, and in some instances that loneliness translates into decreased confidence and discouragement — sometimes to the point of quitting!

Standard medical doctors have supervised and lengthy residencies, but homeopaths take their hard-won diplomas and are expected to jump right into practice without any assistance. This challenging situation sometimes breaks rather than makes the graduate, but the good news is that mentorship and expert supervision are available. We are pleased to be able to offer homeopathic mentorship in the form of a 6-session course with Dr. John Millar. He will provide guidance in the form of shared case analysis, giving attendees new insights into why each case stalled and — more importantly — providing suggestions about how to move them forward. To be part of this exciting new course, just sign up and bring your cases!

As a homeopath with over three decades of clinical practice and many proven tricks of the trade, Dr. Millar is uniquely qualified to help you gain both the confidence and the skills necessary to strengthen your practice. His expert counseling can transform your many hours of book learning into practical tools that will allow you to approach case taking with trust in the outcome. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner struggling with difficult cases, a beginner who can’t seem to get traction on any case, or a homeopathic student who has never taken a case, you will find this course to be of immense value in propelling your practice (or future practice) forward.

6 Sessions – the 3rd Thursday of each month

October 21, November 18, (Break in December)

January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21

5:00 – 7:00 pm Pacific time*

Cases must be submitted according to the template (provided once you enroll) by the 15th of each month to be considered for live presentation during the following session. Dr. Millar will review all submissions and select those he feels will be most instructive for the group. Submission of a case does not guarantee that it will be presented on the live session, but you may submit questions via the chat during the live session, and time permitting, Dr. Millar will address your questions.

Due to patient confidentiality issues inherent in this course, all students will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as part of the enrollment process

What previous Mentoring with Millar students have said

What did you like most about this course?

“The sense of immediacy, meaning the access to Dr. Millar’s thoughts and experience applied right to the case being looked at.

. . . I find listening to these sessions immensely nourishing. It provides information that goes so far beyond the language of the repertory, the quotations from materia medica. I love to observe master classes in any field I have an interest in; homeopathy is such a broad, complex field that this quality of master class is just so superb and so nourishing.”

— Sarah D.

“I always pick up pearls of insight from classes and case discussion, and this time I have to say was the same. I learn a lot from Dr. Millar. Thanks!”

— Linda W.

“I really like how you analyzed each symptom. Spending time looking at what the symptoms mean in the larger context and how one symptom can relate to another. I also liked the questions you asked of us. They made me think. I really found this course to be of great benefit. I do hope you continue this format. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

— Alice W.

“Hearing Dr. Millar work through cases, so I could see how his mind worked with the information live. It was an extra bonus when the student who submitted the case came on and worked through the live case with Dr. Millar. This course was fantastic, and I really hope WHN, and Dr. Millar will continue to teach/offer this course again soon!”

— Piers W.

“Attention to miasmatic grouping, and usefulness of symptoms vs. not useful.”

— Jerome P.