Homeopathy Training for Professionals and Parents by Anke Zimmermann


What’s it about?
This course is about improving your success rate in helping families affected by autism.
I’m offering a six months training program for professional homeopaths, naturopathic, medical, chiropractic and osteopathic doctors as well as some autism parents with a background and strong interest in homeopathy.

We will be covering autism and related developmental challenges in children and adults, including ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing challenge, anxiety and aggression, adverse reactions to vaccines, medications and ultrasounds. We will discuss the use of different types of homeopathy to mitigate these challenges.

When and where?
The course will take place on the first Saturdays of the month once a month for 5 hours for a total of at 30 hours via video conference from 10 am to 3 pm Pacific Time (For Australian Eastern Daylight Time – Syndey and Melbourne, it’s the first Sunday  of every month, 4 am to 9 am.)

Autism often represents a severe challenge to affected individuals, their families, communities and the world at large. It affects everyone in our modern world. Already autism costs more in the UK than strokes, heart attacks and cancer combined. Increasing number of children are being diagnosed every year and mainstream medicine has very little to offer these families.

Why homeopathy?
Integrated homeopathic care programs, however, are demonstrating good results in clinical practice to mitigate many of the aspects of autism, including sleep and digestive issues, aggression and anxiety, speech and fine motor delays, immune system dysfunction and much more. They are also very cost-effective for families. It is urgent that many more practitioners are trained to competently support these children and families.

Why this course?
The focus of the course will be on careful case management over time, as this is the area where professionals struggle the most. This training will provide a comprehensive understanding of the causes and successful management of these often very serious and limiting challenges. We will  have live cases and follow-ups during all sessions to help participants learn good case management. Often, these cases require dozens of different remedies per case over a few years. Multiple remedies may be needed and the remedies may need to be changed frequently.

What’s in it for practitioners?
It will allow the practitioner to build great, ongoing relationship with families and create real and lasting results for families at a very reasonable cost. It will also improve job satisfaction and financial stability of the practitioner as families are likely to continue care over time due to good results and refer others by word of mouth.

What’s in it for parents?
Parents taking the course will feel much more empowered to take charge of their child’s health and be prepared to start helping others.

Do you need volunteer families?
We, we are still looking for a few more volunteer families to participate as clients. If you have a child with autism or a related challenge please contact Anke through her contact form here contact page here. You would receive a free initial consultations and free follow-ups with group throughout the training period. Appointments outside of that time would be billed at my Anke’s usual rates.

For more information and to sign up follow the link here