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With over 60 members, and growing, in 28 communities in British Columbia, the BC Association of Homeopaths has been your source for professional homeopaths since 2000. Use the BCAH Homeopaths Directory to find a professional near you.

Natural Health Products are NOT Drugs

Health Canada is proposing changes that could: • Cause many of the supplements that you use to disappear forever. • Increase the cost of the products that are left. • Reduce the amount of information available to you about the natural health products you rely on. Help us stop this by sending a message to […]

The BC Association of Homeopaths is a dynamic and supportive professional community for practitioners in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Our goals include:

* promotion of excellence in homeopathic practice
* the recognition of homeopathy as a distinct profession
* supporting homeopathic education and research
* maintaining a register of homeopaths

Code of Ethics

The mission of the BC Association of Homeopaths is to support homeopathic practitioners in attaining and maintaining high professional standards, and to promote the development of homeopathy as a distinct profession.
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