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With over 60 members, and growing, in 28 communities in British Columbia, the BC Association of Homeopaths has been your source for professional homeopaths since 2000.

Use our easy to locate directory to find a professional homeopath in an area near you, or use the search tool to find a practitioner by name.

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Nathalie Allen, , ND Associate
Primary Office 202 – 3641 West 29th Avenue Vancouver, BCV6S 1T5 Primary Phone: 604-889-2219
Christa Armstrong, , C.HOM, H.M.C. Registered
Primary Office 7436 Rockwell Drive Box 220 Harrison Hot Springs, BCV0M 1K0 Primary Phone: 604-796-0438
Farangis Ataee, Registered
Primary Phone: 604-728-8164
Dawn Blake, , HMC Associate Blake Homeopathy
Primary Office Williams Lake, BCV2G 2B5Primary Office home 759 Pigeon Ave Williams Lake, British ColumbiaV2G 2B5 Primary Phone: 250-302-8500
Kim Boutilier, , CCH, RSHom(NA) Registered Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy
Primary Office 120 – 3195 Granville Street Vancouver, BCV6H 3K4 Primary Phone: 604-733-6811
Karina Budhrani, DCHomMed (DCHM) Dynamic Homeopathy
Allyson Burden, , CCH, RSHom(NA) Non-practicing member
Primary Office Surrey, BC
Darla Cameron, Associate
Primary Phone: 250-801-1602
Coleen Davis-Stanton, , DCH, CCH Registered Pivotal Homeopathy
Primary Office 6051 Gleneagles Drive West Vancouver, BCV7W 1W1 Primary Phone: 604-315-9332
Lucy De Pieri, , DCH Registered Serenity Homeopathic Clinic
Primary Office 2226 St. Johns Street Port Moody, BCV3H 2A7 Primary Phone: 604-307-5967
Pat Deacon, , RSHom, HMC Registered
Primary Office #115 – 253 Norton Street Penticton, British ColumbiaV2A 4H8 Primary Phone: (250) 486-2530
Ming Dinh, , DCH, BScOT Registered Ming Dinh Homeopathy
Primary Phone: 778-867-8411
Allison Douglas-Tourner, , CHom DiHom HMC non- practicing / retired
Nicole Duelli, , CCH RSHom(NA) Registered
Primary Office 202-3641 West 29th Ave. Vancouver, BCV6K 3E2 Primary Phone: 604-803-9243
Anna Fesz, , BSc (Hons) Hom Resident
Primary Phone: 778-706-1703
Susan Forbes, , DCH Registered
Primary Office 106 – 1450 Laburnum Street Vancouver, BCV6J 3W3Secondary Office 5430 Morris Place Kamloops, BCV2C 5S3 Primary Phone: 604-608-1061 Secondary Phone: 250-852-2121
Louise Fridman, , DCH Registered
Primary Phone: (604) 264-4494
Colin Gillies, , Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy (Aust) Resident Colin Gillies Homeopath
Primary Office 12 – 221 2nd Avenue Qualicum Beach, BCV9K 2S5 Primary Phone: 250-947-0288
Susan Gimbel, , CCH NASH (NA) Registered
Primary Office 120-3195 Granville St. Vancouver, British ColumbiaV6H 3K2 Primary Phone: (604) 733-6811
Roland Guenther, , MD Homeopathy (Germany) Registered
Primary Office 3939 Forde Avenue Royston, BCV0R 2V0 Primary Phone: 250-650-1662
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