“Calling” Everyone Who Has an Interest in Seeing Homeopathy Preserved in Canada:

Are You Concerned About Your Access to Homeopathy?

If you are a consumer, patient, practitioner or manufacturer please join us on October 24th at 7:00 pm EDT

You are invited to a Zoom event with your Canadian Coalition for Homeopathy to learn the impacts of the Health Canada Cost Recovery Proposal on natural health products for Homeopaths, Homeopathy, patients and providers of Homeopathic remedies.


Christina Barrett, HOM, Board Member, Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association

Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, D.C., N.D., FCAH, CCH, HOM

Stephen Malthouse, MD, Canada Health Alliance


Glen Jung of Bright Light News, Homeopathic Practitioner (Quebec)

Registration/Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88160366988?pwd=4bf9aOyicJoMcFHxLAGjg66Dr3K7lj.1

Please join us for this important evening, you will learn how you can help preserve Homeopathic medicines in Canada – and what your patients can do as well.