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Website Listing

  • The BC Association of Homeopaths maintains a Register of Members on its website. If you wish to be listed in this Register, please complete this form to indicate how you would like your listing to appear. You may have two listings if you practice in more than one location.
  • Note: In the "Designation" field, please list homeopathic qualifications only - academic and other qualifications should not be included.
  • I request the BC Association of Homeopaths to include this information on its website Register. I will inform the BC Association of Homeopaths in writing if any changes need to be made to my listing, or if I should wish my listing to be withdrawn from the Register. I understand that my listing will be removed from the Register in the event that I cease to become a member of the BC Association of Homeopaths or if my Annual Membership Dues are unpaid. By typing my name in the field below I agree to the above terms and conditions.
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