What happens when you put Kim Elia, an illustrious team of homeopaths and an accomplished filmmaker together?
A new project that has the power to make Homeopathy a Household Word . . . with your help!

Watch the vision session here! 

Joining us on the session:

Kim Elia
Paola Brown
Kathleen Scheible
Alastair Gray
+ Julian Shereda-McKenna ~ filmmaker

Ronald Whitmont
Lauri Grossman
Christina Donka
Carol Boyce
Robert Melo
Denise Straiges

This team of eminent professionals shares the project they believe can tip the balance and make Homeopathy a Household Word.

The entire world is seeking effective, safe and economical methods of healing ~ we’ve got the answer!

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We will continue to update this page with new trailers, clips and premium gifts. This project will benefit not only the entire homeopathic community, but the entire world.

What’s this about?
A group of the most important organizations and leaders within the Homeopathic Community are collaborating with Film Industry insiders to produce a professional documentary film about Homeopathy, with the intention of having it shown on Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV. We have an unprecedented opportunity to change the perception of Homeopathy amongst the general public. Imagine having tens of millions of people who understand and embrace the science that we call Homeopathy?
In 1860, when the Republicans swept into office, they began to appoint Homeopathic physicians to high-level posts within the U.S. Government. From Abraham Lincoln to Rutherford B. Hayes to William McKinley, these forward-thinking Presidents created a renaissance for Homeopathy in North America. Our plan is to create a new Homeopathic Renaissance through this professionally created documentary film, which will be viewed by millions of people. We need your help to make this happen!
Our fundraising goal is to raise $250,000. This will pay for our professional film crew to travel and obtain valuable interview footage from renowned homeopaths, medical doctors and scientists. The scope of the project is to show the history, science and efficacy of our healing art, including meeting researchers, practitioners and patients who all have a story to tell. We need to reach our goal this summer so that our crew may hit the road and piece together a compelling narrative, showing how Homeopathy can change the face of healing in our world.
When you donate to this film, you are joining forces with an important project that has the potential to change the future of Homeopathy.
Valuable gift premiums are offered with many of the donations ~ but with some gifts there is only a single copy available, so act quickly to secure your chosen gift, and help us to realize our goal of making Homeopathy a Household Word.

Serious science, that appeals to a mass audience.
A silver bullet for our antagonists …
And a perfect way …. to be

Learn more about the Film & see the trailer: reintroducinghomeopathy.com