Lynn Mackay, DCH
BC Society of Homeopaths

Gibsons Health and Wellness Center

Homeopathy has been a passion for me since I first experienced the profound healing impact of a homeopathic remedy taken following the birth of my son, over 30 years ago.

A few years later, still intrigued, I took a Homeopathic First Aid level course and continued studying and using Homeopathy on my own while living in Toronto. Over the years, children, family and friends provided ample opportunity to see the benefits of aptly applied Homeopathic remedies. At the same time I completed a Psychology Specialist Degree (BSc) at University of Toronto to complement an earlier Counseling Diploma from Vanier College (SCCD) in Montreal. Over the following years I maintained a private counseling practice, along with being a mom.

A family move to the Sunshine Coast finally provided the right time and place to focus on Classical Homeopathy studies at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, culminating with my graduation in 2005.
Attending seminars and workshops with world renown Homeopaths continues to be an ongoing pleasure.

Since 2005 I have maintained an active practice in Classical Homeopathy on the Sunshine Coast and more recently in North Vancouver.

I find that my extensive counseling experience has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills that enhance my homeopathic practice for the benefit of those who come to see me.

My vision is of a Complementary and inclusive approach to personal health care that is based on the unique nature of each individual. Working collaboratively and empowering people to take charge of their own health is an essential component of my practice.

As a Homeopath I love to see how a well-applied homeopathic remedy may not only restore physical health but also naturally encourages inner growth, development and awareness on multiple levels of an individual’s life. Witnessing the simple, effective, and often wondrous impact of homeopathic treatment is always an inspiration to me.

I have been delighted to be on the BCSH board for the past two years.